Penetration testing my apartment

Problem: It’s 1:00am, in a town where you don’t really know anyone, you’re locked out of your apartment, and the only things you have on you are a cell phone and a toy RC helicopter (it has LED’s that blink, I thought it would be cool to fly in the dark).

Objective: Gain entry to your dwelling without having to a) wake up the neighbor or b) explain to a cop that your ID is just behind the door you’re trying to jimmy.

*My* Solution (your mileage may vary): Perform a preliminary port-scan before proceeding to more intensive penetration testing. Start with all the doors… my main door is around back, and it leads to the three apartments in the house I live in. It happens to be unlatched (rare, as it has a hydraulic ram to close it and automatically locks) however the inner door to my apartment is locked tight. I’ve no credit card handy to attempt to pop the lock, however it would be futile–I’ve tried before.

On to the front door; it’s a shaky old thing that lacks a locking knob, has two cheap-o mini-deadbolts and a sliding chain lock to hold it tight. At first try it’s shut and locked, no luck here. The two windows to the apartment are also unhelpful, one is locked and the other has an AC unit bolted in.

Back to the front door. I shouldered it pretty firmly and was surprised when it gave! Turns out the wood has swollen with the humidity to where only 1 of the 2 little deadbolts catch, and only by a small amount. So I’m left with a sliding chain lock between me and bed. The chain lock is installed correctly though, and the door must be closed for it to be locked or unlocked. fuck

Final solution: Scavenge, fortunately there’s a construction site in the back yard (they’re building a new garage) and I manage to find some twine. I cut off about 6′ (with a utility knife I found) and tie one end around the end of the chain, on the little knob piece that slides in the rail and actually locks the door. Then I run the twine up the inside of the door (inside the apartment, same side as the lock), over the top, and down the front. Pull the door to where it almost latches and start tugging on the twine. Amazingly it only took about 10 seconds of fiddling to pop the chain out of it’s rail, and voila!

Maybe later I’ll post about a string-&-baseball injection attack on a large leaf-server (ie: Tree) which holds (another) toy helicopter problem.

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