Rooting the Sprint Evo 4G from stock version 1.47.651.1 (2.1-update1)

Here’s how to follow in my footsteps to successfully root a new Evo 4G purchased with the Update1 firmware–I had some issues early on, so hopefully this will help.

Things to gather:

  • Your Evo, when you’re ready to wipe all data (write down apps to reload, backup anything you don’t want to lose, etc)
  • Your USB cable
  • SimpleRoot OTA 1.47.651.1 Edition

Ideal Steps:

  1. Try following the instructions on the SimpleRoot thread, ideally you won’t have any issues and will result in a rooted stock firmware (note: this will leave your Evo in a state where you can install an alternative firmware–but SimpleRoot *is not* an alternative firmware).
  2. If things don’t go so smoothly, try my customized steps:

My Extra Steps

  • Check the version of HTC Sync on your PC, it should be the same version that was included on the SD Card of your phone. ( 2.0.31)
  • Perform a Factory reset on the phone, either through the System menu or from the bootloader (hold the volume-rocker when powering up)
  • Mount your MicroSD card as a USB drive and Format it (FAT32)
  • Repeat the SimpleRoot steps

At the end of this process my phone entered a reboot-loop; which definately made me nervous.  I pulled the battery and SD card, then replaced the battery and powered up (without the SD card) and it booted successfully.  I verified the firmware had been successfully downgraded (to 1.17.x.x), which indicates the process was successful, and resumed.

My next step was a custom recovery–I tried using SimpleRoot’s Extras menu, but my phone would boot to a red triangle with an exclamation and make it no further (this is the recovery screen)–so I grabbed evorecovery from here and (with the phone still at the red-triangle) unzipped evorecovery and successfully ran recovery-windows.bat.  Upon completion I had my customized recovery screen running and took the opportunity to partition my SD-card for apps2sd (not sure if this will be relevant since I’m going to cyanogenmod 6/froyo/android 2.2–which includes an official form of apps2sd), and ran a nand + ext backup.

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